Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ayurveda 101: Experiencing Ayurveda

In autumn, Ayurveda 101: Experiencing Ayurveda arrives.  This 100 hour course explores the theories and principles of Ayurveda to make life-changing shifts to become the most healthy version of yourself.  We'll begin to explore the physical body, the subtle body, and the mind. The training will consist of six full day workshops with at home lessons, readings, and practices to truly make Ayurveda a part of your life.  You will learn basic principles, begin to understand your weaknesses and tendencies, test out the tools of Ayurveda and yoga, and find out what works for you, what works for others, and why.  

We'll look at what doshas are at play in the body and the mind.  We'll use real, tangible practical tools to dig into ourselves, and then find ways to balance where we are most likely to go out of balance.  We'll explore how food and digestion, lifestyle, movement, and stillness practices balance the doshas at play.  We will touch on chronic disease management, as well as mental imbalance, from an Ayurvedic perspective. 

You'll build your own personalized Tool Box for Health.  

Healing begins at home.  This is the training to really bring the Ayurvedic teachings home.

Topics to be explored:

History of Ayurveda 
Anatomy and Physiology
Diet and Lifestyle
Ayurvedic Psychology
Self evaluation techniques (including tongue and pulse explorations)
Sanskrit Terminology 
Yoga and Ayurveda


This training is for anyone who really wants to make lifelong changes to their diet and lifestyle for a healthy, vibrant life.  You can use these tools in your own life and to help family members find balance for their own wellness.  This training is beneficial to yoga teachers, nurses, herbalists, or others in the consulting/health field.  This training is wonderful for anyone who just wants to be well and spread wellness.  

Once a month on Saturdays from 9am to 6pm: 

September 9th

October 21st
November 18th
December 16th
January 13th
February 10th

(50 contact hours)

(50 non-contact hours)
Support between sessions will be available.  


$800 - $1000 (sliding scale)
Paid in full before September 1st

Payment plan:  

$400 before September 1st
$150 to $200 due before October 21st
$150 to $200 due before November 18th
$100 to $200 due before December 16th
Students will not be allowed to continue with program if payments are not up to date.  

Please plan to attend all sessions.  You are responsible for payment of all sessions once you commit to the program.

Because of the sliding scale, there are no scholarships, or other discounts, available for this Autumn session of Ayurveda 101.  The program is already priced at the most reasonable price possible.  It will not remain at this price in the future.  If this is something you are interested in, now is the time to jump in before both the prices and class sizes increase.  


Ayurveda 102: The Science Behind Ayurveda  will layer on a second 100 hours to deepen your relationship with the foundations of Ayurveda.  This course will explore the science behind Ayurveda, delving even deeper into the physical body, the subtle body, and the layers of the mind.  These courses are not intended to teach you to consult with clients, but Ayurveda is a beautiful practice to combine with any complementary health, or health care modality you might already be practicing.  

Topics to be explored and expanded:

History of Ayurveda 
Anatomy and Physiology
Digestion and Nutrition, and where it all can fall apart
Lifestyle: diving deeper into dinacharya & ritucharya & more
Introduction to Ayurvedic Herbology
Self evaluation techniques 
Yoga and Ayurveda

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tick Bites. They happen to the best of us.

Photo Credit: Kathryn Taylor-Urich

I got surprised by a tick and woke up with a friend attached one morning.  Here's what I did:  

         THE TICK BITE SITE:  
–I removed the tick using my fingers at the base of the body.  I checked to make sure that I hadn't left any pieces behind.  Please just remove ticks as quickly and efficiently as possible (v-shaped hooked tick removers work great).  Remember, we aren't worried about the TICK, we are worried about what its excreting, don't encourage it to 'spit' more gunk into your body while you aggravate it with 'tricks'.  I flushed the tick, although you may choose to save the tick for testing.  

–I cleansed the bite site with tea tree essential oil

–I applied Plantain Tick Salve (made in house) and covered it with a bandaid.  I repeated this, at least twice daily, including the bandaid, for 48 hours.  Then for a week, I simply applied the salve (no bandaid) two to three times a day--more if the site still looks irritated. 

I pulled out the herbal arsenal because the tick had been attached possibly overnight and I wanted to be cautious.  So here's the entire protocol I use:

Ledum palustre homeopathic remedy 30c.  3 pills 3X/day for three days.  

Teasel Tincture (I have used this in the past and know my personal dosage needs) and so took 3 drops 3X/day for seven days.  

–Immune support.  In my case, I had an herbal immunity support tincture I used for seven days.  I could also have easily used Ashwaghanda root or some other immunity boosting herb or blend.  I eliminated sugar and processed foods for three days.  I drank more water (warm) and herbal teas sweetened with powdered stevia.  

–Not to add a layer of confusion, but because it is what I did, I'm going to share the following as an example of how we tweak to individual needs.  After my seven days of immune support, I (because I know my personal weaknesses and tendencies) am taking a blood cleanser herbal supplement (Banyan Botanicals) for a month to encourage any extra gunk circulating in my system to get out.  

This is my personal protocol and is not intended for everyone.  Please consult with a qualified health care provider before following this protocol.  

         OTHER THOUGHTS:  
This bite was also a reminder that I have been lax on my use of tick away spray and my other usual habits.  I have since been more diligent about spraying my ankles with Stephen Buhner's Tick Spray and switched back to Neem Soap, which seems to discourage ticks and other bugs.  I also add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to my shampoo in the summer as a gentle deterrent to all kinds of bugs.  

Your daily shower is a good time for a tick check.  If you shower in the morning or evening, you could use the opposite time of day to do another Abhyangha (full body oil massage).  This gives you a second full body tick check as well as nourishes your skin with much needed lubrication and love (you may find yourself switching to summer coconut, pitta oil, or tridoshic oil at this time of the year).  

My Tick Arsenal is in a basket in the bathroom ready to go at a moment's notice so I don't have to run around finding what I need.  

         Kits for sale which include:
Plantain Tick Salve, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Ledum palustre, Teasel Tincture, Stephen Buhner's Tick Spray Repellant, Neem Soap, and directions for use.   

$65 for the kit (plus shipping, if needed).  Items in the kit should last for the whole season or longer. These products are very shelf stable.  Individual, replacement 'parts' are available.  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Fun T-Shirt Colors!!

A Trillium Ayurveda "Choose your own Color" T-shirt.  

These shirts are amazing!  Soft and cozy for yoga, lounging, gardening, and any other activity you'd like to play at.  I even teasingly call these my 'dress T's' they are so perfect.  

In addition to the usual black and purple, we're placing a special order so you can choose: fuchsia, green, grey, maritime, navy, red, royal, turquoise, and/or white just in time for summer.

T-shirt are designed and screen printed by the lovely Amber at Orange Graphix.  $28/shirt; 

Order goes in THIS FRIDAY!!!  
Order before Noon on Friday to get yours in time for Summer.