Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New Website & Blog:

Go for a visit to the New Trillium Ayurveda website.  It’s new and fresh and updated.  It’s streamlined so that you can find everything you need and link to everything you need with more ease.
–Links to schedule your appointment or book a class, workshop, or trainingcan be found right on the home page and at the top of most pages.
–The most current and updated schedule is posted under its own page and will be linked to social media each Friday, as usual, to remind you of what’s happening (and if there are any changes).
–The Blog will be right there on the website with the most recent posts highlighted.  That said, this blog page will be inactive.  
Of Note:  If you receive these blog posts via e-mail, and enjoy receiving blog posts via e-mail, you will have to add your e-mail to the new blog.  You can find that at the bottom of the home page of the new website!!
See you soon!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Things might be messy on the website for a few days while we transition to a fresh new look.  Please bear with us as the transition happens.  Soon, everything you need will be in one easy place...

No worries...

We'll keep you posted...

The colder weather is on the way...

It might be time to stock up on some warming Ayurvedic oils to nourish the joints, nourish the mind, or to help you sleep.  

Perhaps there is an herbal supports that could help you transition into the season of extreme cold.  I love Chywanprash and Ashwagandha for the winter months.  

Perhaps some supportive daily routine goodies...nasya will help keep the channels clear of winter bugs.  

Perhaps planning for potential colds and illness...I love the bronchial support if I get caught off guard by a cold.  

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I'd be happy to help you choose what might serve you best!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Personal Practice: Gut Feelings & Discernment

Last Friday in YaYaYoga we diverged to talk about Sankalpa, the art of setting an intention.  Traditionally, this intention is set for one's self in a personal (usually, spiritual) practice.  In an article I had read that morning from Yoga Journal, we were asked to rethink Sankalpa from one of a personal nature to one of community and the world at large.  A practice that already seems to be happening in many of the yoga communities.  

It seems the world is setting a stage for us to explore this balance of self care and community.  In the midst of what feels hopeless it is small acts that change the world.  Don't try to be where you aren't.  Trust me, small acts in your own world spread.  And just think of the magic that would happen if everyone did small, kind acts in their community.  Think of how that would spread.  Outward and everywhere.  

That brings us to this week, where Monday gave us tragedy to ponder and we, in yoga classes, begin to explore the Fire Center of the body.  This fire center is our Gut Center, our Adrenal Center.  It is the center that reacts to tragedy.  

The adrenals can be thought of as the fast, reactive 'brain' of the lower three chakras: the chakras of survival of self, future self/reproduction, and also society.  The adrenals immediately react to threats for basic survival.  (We have seen how this immediate reactive process can impact our overall health when we continually react to perceived stresses that are not actually threats to survival.  For a quickie on Adrenal Fatigue.)     

What are these Adrenal responses?  These are our Gut Feelings.  These are usually feelings that impact our sense of safety and security.  These are fear, anger, and their variations that can make us feel impotent and helpless and lead us to more feelings of anger, fear, and hate.  These are the feelings that feed our separation from others: them vs. us or an inability (or refusal) to understand those that act differently from us.  

This is the raw emotion space of the body.  Phrases in our vocabulary underline this: "I had a gut feeling."  "I felt sick to my stomach."  "There was a ball of rage in my gut."  Raw emotion.  

These raw feelings can be scary and we can feel these are feelings that we need to repress.  Often that's what we do (and then they lodge in the tissues as tension, knots, and "unresolved crystalized emotions").  These are feelings to be explored.  

Raw emotion is impetus to action.  
Depression is impetus to action.  
Anger is impetus to action.  
Fear is impetus to action.  

These raw emotions also help us to begin to understand what seems to be completely un-understandble.  Horrible actions often come out of emotions and raw feelings.  If we explore the "ugly" emotions in ourselves (in a safe haven: perhaps your yoga mat, your spiritual space, or through therapy), we can come to understand others and through understanding: we can better become helpers.  

We are human beings.  We are meant to feel these emotions from the 'lower brain' of the gut, but our actions should not come from this area.  Actions based purely on emotion often have ugly outcomes.  They might get you where you need to be, quickly, but it's often the most painful and raw way to go about it...for everyone involved.  It seems 'easy' to the lower (immediate response) 'brain', but it gets ugly.  Tragedy highlights this in the most dramatic and painful of ways.  

Here's how it should happen:  

Raw (Gut) Feeling

Impetus for Action

 Leads to Thoughtfulness
Discernment using the Cognitive "upper" Mind

Leads to a PLAN


If you stop at Raw (Gut) Feeling you end up with Action without a Plan: Bad Idea.

Small, but important aside, I am discussing here the average human being: what WE can do.  There is a lot more going on in a person who has followed through with something horrific.  Yes, raw emotion is probably in play.  Yes, something has gone terribly wrong with the discernment piece of the Mind.  But in this small blog post, I am not trying to figure out WHY these things happen, although there are clues in the above; I am trying to figure out WHAT we can do and maybe that will lead you to some better understanding.  Bowing with hands at heart before we continue.      

If one is following this plan, there is often a space of turning inward between Raw Feeling and Action.  There may need to be a lot of time between Raw Feeling and Action to explore, especially for those who usually give in to immediate action or who repress and ignore raw emotion.  Feel the emotion.  Give yourself permission to be Angry.  Give yourself permission to Cry.  Give yourself permission to be Fearful.  Give yourself permission to Hate.  Use the word: say it: I hate ___.  

How does that feel?  

Explore it...there's a lot to be learned from raw emotion.  Then see what happens when you start dissecting and discerning the emotion with your mind and heart.  

Your action may be inaction.  Don't feel like you HAVE to act.  Act when you are truly ready.  

Inaction is where personal sankalpa or intention can come in.  It might be time to strengthen your own container to be able to offer good action in the future.  This is where self care becomes so important.  If you are depleted, acting in the world can be too depleting (the bigger the way, the bigger the depletion).  Your intention is to Strengthen your Container (your body and mind) so that you can act in the world.  Don't worry, the world will be waiting and maybe there are small actions you can do in the meantime that will spread gently and slowly.  Your impact does not have to be HUGE, it has to be genuine.  

Action.  It might be time for your Sankalpa to turn outward.  What passions are rising up in your explorations of feelings?  What good are you ready to do in the world?  How big can your contribution be?  Aside from a Wise Man (Thank you, Tom Harty, for your continued inspiration) that you may find helpful if you are ready to set your intention outward:  
1.  Find your Passion and SHARE IT.  Spread it.  Give it.  
2.  Find your charity and support it whenever you can.  Give others opportunities to support the charity you are passionate about.  
3.  Put one foot in front of the other.  You'll get there.  

The world needs more intention for peace and understanding, compassion and listening.  We must become strong in ourselves, open to feeling our own feelings, and learn to cultivate a strong mind to move forward with an Intention for a Peaceful World.